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Grey. That’s the colour of the sky today. Ha, I see Vancouver is reflecting my mood. (But apparently the weather is often like this).

IMG_1395Without any concrete plan or destination, Megan and I take a walk down Granville Street and cross the bridge to Granville Island. A mural of a leaping Orca whale appears as we look back and Megan jokes that ‘there’s my killer whale I wanted to see’.

The conversation inevitably turns to my ‘situation’ and we try our best to see the silver lining. I’m stuck in a first world country, not Eastern Europe or India or central Africa. My parents know where I am, that is, I’m not in some real life version of Taken. I have money and accommodation and am in good health. And soon this will all just be some distant (horrible) memory …

There certainly is a lot of water surrounding the different parts of Vancouver, and we decide to take a small ferry back to the mainland later. But in the meantime we’re enjoying the urban sights and sounds and unchartered roads to walk down. A striking panoramic Inuit art piece decorates a long strip of wall under the bridge and we miss the pedestrian crossing time while I stop to photograph it.



The Granville island is essentially a collection of little shops, a large indoor market, and several spots for buskers to showcase their musical talent. We stop and settle down on a bench to listen to the relaxing melodies of a guy called Stephen Spender. It sounds silly but his song feels like the perfect soundtrack to my life story right now and in the spirit of spontaneity, I buy his album, hoping that his music will forever remind me of this moment … in an oddly melancholy way.

IMG_1409The indoor market brings back fond memories of the harbour market in Quebec City. It’s a foodie’s delight, with a wide range of choice of maple syrup, ice-cream, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, and flowers.

Lunch today takes the form of ice-cream (why not?) and we find a spot to watch other singers perform while parents nearby are trying to prevent their toddlers from effectively stealing money from the open guitar cases in the centre of the courtyard. Amusing.

Once Megan has finished her little dance to the ABBA panpipe tunes while we wait at the water’s edge, we hop on a ferry to take us back. The quiet stroll along the promenade-like path leads us to a park where we take playful photos on the swings and lying amongst the crimson autumn leaves. Oh Canada, you are beautiful in the Fall too. The change of colour in the trees is really a wonderful sight to see.


We pick a different restaurant for dinner tonight and because neither is in a particular mood to go out and spend money, we huddle under blankets on the bottom bunk and watch a movie on my laptop. Sometimes you just need some ‘home’ comforts, even when you are far away from it.