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Determined to find my iPhone (but more importantly my passport), Chris drives us to the address where the tracking indicated my phone should be. We park a block away and phone the police again to meet us here. And we wait. Forty-five minutes later no less than four officers arrive (talk about making a scene!) and make written statements for the call.

One of the officers uses his iPhone to try track the elusive green dot and knock on a door or two. But really, can you imagine this conversation happening:

‘Morning ma’am, you don’t happen to be in possession of a stolen iPhone?’
‘Why yes officer, I’m so glad you asked! Here, let me fetch it for you and return it to its rightful owner’.

No, didn’t think so.

IMG_9812It really could be anywhere. This is an exercise in futility. And, feeling like they’ve done their duty after a half-hearted search, the police wave their goodbyes. A few minutes later however, we are sitting outside a house where the phone allegedly is held (according to ‘find my iPhone’). So close and yet so far. We have no idea who lives there. It could be a gun-wielding Mexican druglord!

Chris is tempted to go in, but I refuse that he puts himself in danger for a silly phone. They can have my iPhone.

For some reason we return to the scene of the crime (I genuinely hate this place) and I reluctantly purchase a new handbag from ‘Everything’s a deal!’.

(There was a point where, while searching through the surrounding bins, I found a gold coloured handbag – perfectly clean and intact – that had been discarded. I claimed it as my own and used it for a while until I returned it to the bin when I no longer needed it. Megan and I both thought this was equally ridiculous and hilarious, but hey, it was a free handbag. Never look a gift … )

IMG_9844The afternoon is spent at Kristina’s home and I succumb to another proper ugly cry. I feel terrible that I have dragged everyone into this mess and that Megan and I will no longer be able to hire a car and drive up the California coast (we were really looking forward to that). I am scared about what’s going to happen because of my lack of passport and visas going forward. And I’m sad that we have to change our plans and miss seeing some of our friends and special places.

But it’s not all bad.

I still have my other Visa card (one I didn’t carry in my wallet) and access to my SA money. I have an older passport that looks valid on paper – hasn’t expired yet – which serves as photo ID (the only I have now). My iPhone was thankfully insured – literally the day before! – and when I got home, its value was paid out to me.

And most importantly, I am not going through this alone. I am with a supportive friend and staying with gracious friends who opened their home and wallets to me when I needed it most. And for that I am truly grateful.

IMG_9846The day isn’t over yet and upon recommendation we head out to Fred’s in Old Town San Diego for some genuine Mexican grub. We’re joined by Chris’s friend Evan, who amuses us with his dry sense of humour.

And just to end the day on a high note, us girls spend some time lapping in the warm Jacuzzi at their home. Bliss.