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Kirsty (nervously) mailed me one day with the idea of documenting her third daughter’s home birth – telling the story in a moving series of black and white photographs. Of course I was intrigued – and somewhat petrified with the idea (birth isn’t pretty, so I’ve heard …) – but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to experience something so incredible. I had to be on standby, but like clockwork baby Arnold was ready on the morning of her due date: 18 December 2012. Dad Mike phoned me in the morning with an anxious ‘it’s time’, and I rushed to Kommetjie with my camera. Excited and ready to go, he opened the gate and stood there and said: “It’s done, she’s out”. “What?! Already?”, was my response. He had called me twenty minutes ago!  Dumbstruck and a little disappointed I had missed the grand entrance, I was amazed to hear that labour was so short that not even the midwife made it there in time and Mike had the terrifying but wonderful task of delivering his own daughter. Real life movie stuff! But not all was lost, as I had the privilege of photographing baby Paisley’s first two hours with her family.

2013-04-14_0001Dad Mike and mom Kirsty hold her for the first time. Sisters Charlotte and Phoebe soon join the spectating. Love this family portrait.
2013-04-14_0002 2013-04-14_00042013-04-14_0005 The midwife helps baby Paisley with her first drink. She is perfect.  2013-04-14_0006 2013-04-14_0003 2013-04-14_0015

She is remarkably heavy – close to 4kgs! But healthy and content. Charlotte is fascinated by the umbilical cord knot. 2013-04-14_0022 2013-04-14_0008

Mom Di holds her granddaughter carefully. 2013-04-14_0009 ‘Sigh, now she’s going to get all the attention.’ I wonder what Phoebe is thinking?2013-04-14_0014 2013-04-14_0010 2013-04-14_0011 2013-04-14_0012 2013-04-14_0013 2013-04-14_0017 2013-04-14_0026 2013-04-14_0025 Such perfect little feet. A miracle. 2013-04-14_0024 2013-04-14_0023 2013-04-14_0020 See her wrinkly little fingers…

The midwife looks through some photo and scrapbook albums of the other girls. 2013-04-14_0019 Phoebe entertains herself in front of the television once the majority of the excitement is over. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to hold Paisley when she was just an hour old. 2013-04-14_0018 2013-04-14_0021