I make pretty things.

At least that’s what my business card says. And, I try.

My name is Monique Mouissie (one of two in the world) and I am a South African designer, photographer and illustrator.

We moved to Cape Town when I was ten and I love living in this stupendously beautiful part of the world. I got my tertiary education at AAA School of Advertising, but designing magazines in the wonderful realm of publishing has been my bread and butter (or rather, sushi and red wine) since then.

I love to travel and have ventured as far as the desolate corners of Namibia, the powdered slopes of Colorado, the museums and art corners of Europe, and the crystal blue lakes of Canada. I love to write about those adventures and have shared them on my blog.

I fell in love with photography and it continues to shape the way I see the world.
I love capturing people – and not just on their wedding day – and in a wonderful way making them happy through my pictures.

I love Jesus, anything vanilla, my mom’s cooking, beautiful typography, singing and dancing, walking barefoot on grass, a bit of banter, a warm hug, and a good Sunday morning sleep-in.

And while I am a bit of an over-achiever and spend far too much time behind
a Mac, I am grateful for this creativity my Heavenly Father has placed in me.
Soli Deo Gloria.

But enough about me, go look at the pretty pictures.


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