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Same same but different

Posted on Aug 2 by

Day 6, 14 November We’re a little sad to leave Ko Tao this morning. She’s been good to us. As have the kind folks at Davy Jones Locker. I really do highly recommend them –...


Finding Nemo

Posted on Jul 20 by

Day 5, 13 November It’s dive day and that is an exciting prospect. We have breakfast at the New Heaven Café – honey and mango shakes with pancakes. It’s just across...


Let’s go to the beach

Posted on Jul 15 by

Day 4. 12 November    Alarms go off to wake us at 4:10am. It’s rough. Our animated Thai waitron/friend shows up and plops a tray of breakfast on my lap in my bed. He seems to...


How deep is your squat?

Posted on Jun 10 by

11 November Day 3. I’ve been eaten alive. Well, practically. Somewhere between yesterday and this morning the back of my legs have become a smorgasbord for the local mosquito...


Bangkok has them now

Posted on Jun 5 by

9 November 2014 “Trust me, it’s paradise. This is where the hungry come to feed. For mine is a generation that circles the globe and searches for something we...



Posted on May 25 by

On a perfect autumn evening in April, I met up with Jess and her friends on Llandudno beach for a fun photo shoot: a beautiful memento of her 16th birthday and the friendship...