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Sister-time, stroopwafels and six lessons

Posted on Oct 20 by

Recently I celebrated 6 months of living in the Netherlands. Officially the longest I have been away from my home, South Africa. Ever. I have much I want to tell you. For those of...


In pursuit of Paris (part 1)

Posted on Aug 30 by

Paris is the city my little sister has always dreamed of visiting. After traveling there myself in 2011, I promised we would go together some day. July 22nd was the set date....


Families – Pageau

Posted on Jun 1 by

In April of 2017 I (temporarily) relocated to the Netherlands and the Pageau family from Haarlem were the first to take up my photography special. We spent the afternoon in the...


King’s Day 2017

Posted on May 18 by

King’s Day. It’s as if Dutch people get an extra sparkle in their eye when they talk about it. And after experiencing my first one ever, I kind of get it. I say...



Posted on Jan 3 by

Ah, Croatia. A new destination and an utter delight. With your quaint stone streets, washing under the windows, burnt umber rooves, lavender ice-cream, and most notably unreal...


England & Holland

Posted on Jan 1 by

In September 2016 I found myself on a plane heading to the Netherlands, Croatia and the UK for three weeks of travel bliss. A large portion of this trip was to visit friends and...