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Posted on Apr 19 by

In November of 2014, along with three of my good friends, I ventured East for the first time to do a somewhat whirlwind tour of beautiful Thailand. It was to be everything I...


Victoria & Carlyle 17/01/15

Posted on Feb 26 by

I met Carlyle – a fellow magazine designer – during a freelance stint in late 2013. He discovered my photography work, showed his fiancé, and together they asked me to do an...


Nareen & Sheldon 29/11/14

Posted on Jan 7 by

Nareen and Sheldon won a couples’ shoot voucher with me some time ago and we had a great time taking some engagement photos. On 29 November 2014 I had the privilege of capturing...



Posted on Sep 10 by

I’m no Anne Geddes, but I’ve taken a keen interest in photographing babies. It’s often harder than it looks – they can be challenging models, especially...


Haven Night Shelter

Posted on Jun 4 by

On 21 March 2014, Commonground members from across the city took a few hours out of their day to do something different for TWD and raise funds for much-needed education and...


It is finished

Posted on Jun 4 by

AMATHOLE Day 6 – Zingcuka Hut to Tyume River 15km I’m just going to be upfront and throw in the following disclaimer: Today was my least favourite day. Call it an unfortunate...